Adam Fritzler

548 Market St 19089, San Francisco, California, USA | AIM: midendian


I work in tech and, let's face it, define my life by what I get paid most for. Currently I am a freelance developer, which I guess these days means devops, full-stack architecture, and an interest in ranting about user experience.


Like every other resident of San Francisco, I have pretensions of being a photographer. Which mostly means I spend a lot of time trying and a lot of money on really clear glass encased in nifty cylindrical widgets which I then spend a lot of time trying to keep clean.

I enjoy mountains and deserts, aircraft and airports, and anything from the air. Email me for prints, usage rights, or if you want to give me a free ride into the air, desert, or mountains.

Jeopardy Categories

I'm always eager for conversation about:

  • Aviation
  • Photography
  • California
  • Geology
  • Roads and transit
  • Bicycles


  • I perfect pithiness (purportedly) at @midendian.
  • I push esoteric code to github as midendian.
  • I poorly maintain a personal LiveJournal/"blog" here (rss).
  • I used to make myself seem smart with my photograph-oriented blog (rss).
  • I am always finding new typos to fix in Wikipedia, and, from time to time, contribute my own well-cited view of the universe. My user page is here.
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