Linux Support for TMS380 Token Ring Cards

The tms380tr driver set for Linux supports many of the various cards around that use the Texas Instruments TMS380 line of COMMprocessors. As of kernel 2.3.41, the driver is distributed as a non-functional TMS380-handling module, plus functional modules for each class of supported card.

The following modules exist, with support for the listed cards:

Planned support:

Notes for developement kernels prior to 2.3.41

I do not recommend using these kernels, however there are varying degrees of support for cards in them. They use a single module, but its named tms380tr.

Notes for Kernels prior to 2.3.22, including 2.2.x

In 2.2.x and kernels prior to 2.3.22, the driver is called 'sktr', after the original card it was written for (the SysKonnects). It was renamed to better reflect the wide usefulness of the code. The 2.2 driver will probably never support any more cards than the SysKonnect and Compaq PCI cards, as it would take drastic changes to back-port the new 2.3 driver to 2.2. These cards are supported by the old sktr:

Known bugs/issues:


The following are various patches made available for either special purposes or for mid-release features/bugfixes.

People who made this driver possible...

Adam Fritzler
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