forever posthumous.

The Bedtime Story

libfaim (including the variety of related things that share the 'faim' meaningless acronym in their names), has a rich and colorful history, as any project that's been around for six or so years is prone to have. You probably don't really care, so I won't go into it at depth.

If you don't know what libfaim is, you should stop reading. This page is only for experienced libfaim developers. Of which there are approximately five.

The most functional version of libfaim can be found in the gaim source. I am not directly affiliated with gaim, or the version of libfaim they use. Their version has been modified and extended for their needs. For a variety of reasons, I have not rolled most of these features back into my tree.

Other projects, commercial and Free, have used various versions of libfaim as well. Though many of them no longer do because I'm an asshole and they got tired of dealing with me.

Why are my trees important to anyone at all? I don't really know either. But I started this damn thing and no one will leave me alone about it.

So this is my version. It hasn't been updated, other than bug fixes, for a few years. It doesn't do a lot of things that are now considered standard, but it generally works.

The Download Section

Distributions can be downloaded from The most recent release is 0.99.6, from 28 Apr 2004, wherein only cosmetic changes were applied since the previous release two years prior, but don't ask what happened to the file for that one, because I don't know either.

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