As of February 2002, I am no longer participating in any Open Source or Free projects related to instant messaging, specifically any project concerned with the AOL Instant Messaging (AIM OSCAR) network.

As such, I will no longer be answering any technical questions regarding my present and past work in this area, via IM or email. I will ignore anyone making such an attempt (not that I didn't do that before). I realize that there may still be some administrative issues remaining (such as the future maintainership of libfaim or the documents that were once here), and I will answer such questions accordingly, but only via email to

Please note that this is a personal decision and does not necessarily reflect any action initiated by corporate forces. I've been doing this for a long time now, and it's time to move on to things more interesting.

31 Jan 2002

AIM is a trademark of AOL Time-Warner Corporation.